Personal Log: Christmas Party 2011


Personal Log: Christmas Party 2011

Sorry that I don't have pictures or a video. My real camera (Nikon) is dead. My little digital is on the fritz. My camcorder is dead. The Ship's Camcorder was absconded with by other members in 2006. Thus, I have no pictures or video.

This was the first Christmas party that was held in a "public" place. It was held at Joe's Pizza. The good part is that we did not have to worry about cleanup. The downside is that it just did not feel as though it were a closed group party.

We had the usual Ferengi gift exchange after purchasing a meal that we did not have to cook.

We had fun, as usual. However, there was little negotiation after the exchange. There were not as many "steals" either. I'm still trying to analyze why.

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