AER: All Con Panel, Mar 2015

AER: All Con Panel, Mar 2015

The KAG Ship IKV Melota participated in a panel at DFW All-Con this weekend. This is the IKV Melota's first time to particpate in a panel at this con and to receive billing in the program. If I recall correctly, it is the IKV Melota's first time to have actual billing at any local convention.

This was a joint effort spearheaded by and with the USS Summoner of Fleet31.

And, for the AER Page with photos, this was a low light situation so nearly every photo is somewhat blurry.

Due to this con's rather restrictive view of weapons, the audience did not get to see metal copy of the TV show design. The IKV Melota (mark I, wood) standard Batleth was used as a reference model.

Redux and I demonstrated the difference between television choreography and actual combat. The wide swings and open stances were demonstrated. It discussed how they look good on TV and in the movies, but would be utterly rediculous if one's life were at stake. Then, these moves were compared to actual combat. Finally, there was some actual full intent sparring to demonstrate what actual combat would look like. Admiral Wilkinson and Lt. Lauren joined to make four for sparring and discussion.

Batleth construction was discussed very briefly. The choice of materials, padding and reinforcements were covered as well as their comparative maintenance issues. Mainly, this was Tournament Rules with Tournament style combat to demonstrate.

I certainly want to thank Captain Redux Chen of the USS Summoner for taking the initiative and arranging this cooperative panel for us.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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