AER: Burglar, Mar 2014

AER: Burglar, Mar 2014

This does not normally qualify as one of my AERs in that I want an AER to reflect public presence of uniformed klingons. I want our symbol shown publicly in action. However, this is an AER in the most real since of the term.

I wrote this and now can not find a single copy on my system. Thus, I am writing this again.

Sunday 0515 dark CRASH tinkle tinkle
Squeeze observes a guy breaking into a neighbor's cars. She gets on the cell phone to 911.

Sunday 0518 dark Squeeze is pursuing this guy down the road while on the phone to 911 giving a running commentary. I'm wearing my running kilt, body armor* and carrying a BFG trying to run this guy to ground.

*marked front and back. klingon on the front, ship's symbol on the back

Sunday 0523 dark The police officer arrives from the other direction. Squeeze and I point out the suspect and the Officer dismounts and goes for him. Between Squeeze, the Officer and myself, we have him cornered at this location. His best chances are with the Police Officer so he surrenders to the Officer rather than to try his luck with us.

Sunday 0530 dark I traded the BFG for a little pistol.

Sunday 0545 dark The Officers (now plural) find a trail of tools and stuff to follow. The responding Officer comments about me to the other Officers. "Wearing a kilt, body armor and carrying a BFG. He was really ready." They were laughing about it.

We bagged a bad guy. We were willing to get involved. We are KLINGON!

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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