Personal Log: Donating, 2011


Personal Log: Donating, 2011

After a successful Klingon Ball, I wound up on the possession of most of the donated goods for the Women's Shelter due to cargo capacity and storage capacity.

Two weekends after the Ball, we had the opportunity to meet with XXXX of the Shelter to load a Shelter vehicle with the Ball Donations. We warned her, "you're gonna need a bigger boat". Wonderfully so, she arrived in a stretch van that had the seats taken out.

Squeeze, Gizmo, Gizmet, Vixen and I were present for the handover and believe me, we handed over a lot of stuff.

Vixen, the current Communications Officer took pictures and should be releasing the official IKV Melota AER shortly.

The Shelter was again very happy with the donations. We are happy with the ability to serve our community.

Strength and Honor,
Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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