Klingons in the Mist 2003
The Return to Deliverance 2003

April 25-27.

This was two repeat events rolled into one.

From the Fleet perspective, this event was Klingons in the Mist.
Local to DFW, we had already planned a Return to Deliverance. Not being sure that we could swing this long of a trip two times in one year, we decided that this would be our Return to Deliverance.


It is going to take going back to work get get over this weekend. Tired. Sore. Sunburned. Thrilled!

This was typed on a palmtop while riding a commuter train. There could be typos that I missed while proof reading.

Krell opened Saturday morning by demonstrating how to pad our type of equipment. Our guest ships and John had the opportunity to watch a blank be padded out in Krell's method. Then I discussed my method and showed the innards of my older Batleth. We then moved over to an open area to start teaching how to use our equipment. sQweezinart filmed this for our use. IKV Deliverance and Bloodsword filmed for their own records. We first explained the generalities of our Rules, and did a few "tournament bouts" to explain our methods and rules in live action. Needing to actually teach the basics, I got David (IKV Anpu) as first volunteer for basic methods training. We did basic blocking, then proceded to work up to actual combat. Next miQh (IKV Anpu) stepped up for personal training. I believe that Sebastion (IKV Dangerous Blade) also had some hands on work. There was some serious sparring and work during the morning. I also passed out CD's of the latest version of the Batleth CD. Thus they have our instructions in movie and text form available on CD, and a practical application to take back to their respective ships to assist with starting their own local Batleth operations.

CF let the local playing team run the paintball. This allowed somebody else to have to make decisions and run things for a bit. Their style of paintball is very different from ours as they played paintball instead of our more military operations style of paintball. It was fast and furious, very physical. We had tons of fun and got some good paintball video footage. However, their gaming style would not work in the real world. It also did not work well for us old farts. We did not have the ability to do a 50 yard dash at the begining of each bout. Not only was the athletics of their version rough on us, the weapons disparaties were brutal. They could shoot flat while we were having to do artillery arcs. Their superior communication also showed during the battles. Playing their game, and with their tech, they schmacked us badly. However, we did acquit well. Most of us got in at least one good kill. With their youth and equipment, they were murderous in a stand up fight. I wonder if age and treachery would equalize the playing field if we played our way next time.

CF and his parents supplied (and John cooked) some really tasty jalapeno chicken, pork, and a fascinating meat filled version of baked beans. Squeeze and Kbubbles cooked breakfast on Sunday morning, thanks gals! There was plenty of food, sodas and even a little beer.

We tried to make the Ceremonies short and sweet, however they still wound up over 15 minutes. We opened with the Stovokor Prayer, then had a Death Howl for the Grandfathers of Chico and MarQis. Then, we opened the dreaded Bloodwine bucket for all to dip. Kbubbles tapped CF to ensign. I presented him with his long overdue 1st Place Mekleth trophy from the Fall01 Tournament. We recognized our hosts and benfactors. The IKV Deliverance then passed out campaign ribbons. During the Ceremonies, the Qpla's generated an echo from the other hillsides. But the Death Howl echoed amongst the hills in a really awesome fashion. Once again, we probably scared the neighbors. Now CF will have to do some damage control about having a cult of weirdos over at his place.

There was lots of good commentary on the bloodwine from our guests and hosts. This was a slightly more vicious version and it showed. It went well and was very well received. The IKV Anpu took some beer and bloodwine back to tease their membership. I'm hoping that the tastes and their stories convince more of their membership to try to come down to the next Deliverance.
On Saturday morning, it was a glorious and beautiful morning. But Sunday gave us the mist that we so desparately needed. At 0600, with the sun still behind the mountains, mist surrounded our tents and you could not see into the valleys that well. The Dueling Fields were down there in a gentle haze. This was truly Klingons in the Mist. There were banners hanging everywhere. It was glorious and looked great.

There was a Killer turnout even before the mundanes. I was hoping to match the turnout of the original Deliverance. The crew from DFW alone matched that. Then there were 8 other klin from 3 ships and 3 states that brought the klin number up to 21. After having a local paintball team (14) show up, we briefly had some 36 Warriors, both klin and mundane, present at this event.

We discussed ship and fleet items, common goals, common problems and solutions. We developed personal relationships to take back to our ships, which was actually the primary goal of the KitM and Deliverance events. To strengthen the bonds of klindom.

It was glorious.

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
IKV Melota


Hail Warriors,
The IKV Blood Sword ported at there home dock Safely after a wonderfully glorious time at Klingons in the Mist 2003. There were bat'leths & paintballs flying & many a warrior showed there KLINGON HEARTS. We want to Thank chicken plucker & his family for the hospitality in hosting us. It was a pleasure to meet our old friends & to make new ones. We hope all are safe & will be looking forward to doing it again.

Ka'Vid Sutai-Trekkan


Hail Warriors,
The ANPU attack Group was proud to be part of Klingons in the Mist. We were honored to join in the Battles with Bat'leth & paintballs against such honored warriors. We also wish to thank Chicken Plucker & his family for hosting us & feeding us. True warrior sprit was showed by all & it was our great privilege to attend.

Lieutenant Commander mIgh vestai SalHov


Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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