AER: Klingon Ball 2015

AER: Klingon Ball 2015

We had a record number of visiting organizations. The overall number of guests was still about average. But, the number of guest organizations was a new record. Not in any particular order...

Fleet31, USS Joshua, IKV Logh Veng, USS Artemis, USS Regulator, the DFW "V" mothership, and Amtgard

There were many others whose honor is their own.

This was the second Ball at a venue other than the Lake House. The venue was much larger and we finally had elbow room. The decorations were great and fit the idea of alternate universe very well. With greek columns and Ship's Banners, there was a lot of "alt decor".

The theme of an alternate reality sprang from the Mirror Universe, Bread and Circuses, and thus the idea that Kahless lost to Molor at the river Skrall.

As usual it was a great feast with much good food.

There were various games to entertain.

The costume contest was a tight one. There was a tie that had to be broken. The awkward item was that both in the tie were made by Squeeze.

Vixen, best female costume
Q'lu, best male costume
Dragen Best in Show for costume
The Kulinary Kontest almost was "not" as a lot of the entries were nearly eaten up before the judging started.

Sarah, 1st place

Vixen, 2nd place

Mirakel, 3rd place

There was the Bloodwine Ceremony. The Shelter did a presentation.

There were many door prizes, auction items and raffle items. There were some awesome commercial items donated for the auction. So were there some interesting home-made / home-forged items that got attention, too.

The event raised $537.27 plus 341 pounds of goods for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County.

The IKV Melota survived hosting another great night with friends.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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