AER Library Window, Sept 2005


Well, the library window is up and running. And if I do say so myself, it looks REAL good. Thanks to Salek and K'bech for donating items, and to Salek for the setup help. We got many interesting looks, and some inquiries. Salek got a picture on his handheld, and I will go by sometime this week and take a pic with a disposable camera.


After Encounter Report: Library Window, Sept 2005

As publicity is important to acquire recruits or gain opportunities, the IKV Melota announces another public notice type event. Dragen, of the KAG ship IKV Melota, arranged, organized, and set up a display window at a local public library. This will grant the IKV Melota a substantial amount of face-time before the mundanes at zero cost to us. The audience may not be as wide as our recent television interview or the local newspaper that we frequent, however, it is a totally new venue with a much longer exposure as this display shall remain up for a month.
Being in a different town, that provides us with a newer audience. And theoretically, being at a library will allow that target audience to be more sci-fi heavy. After all, the library's audience is by default more erudite.
Whether or not we gain a recruit from this is yet to be seen. Regardless, we shall at least entertain those who stop to look.

Strength, Honor, and Marketing
Salek the Sales Manager


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