SciFi Expo Oct 2003


Dr. Gizmo and I arrived early enough to set up a few things for sale on the SciCore group table. I spent the morning doing crowd control and checking wrist band numbers for the Anthony Daniel's (C3PO) entrance line going to the main stage. Then the afternoon helping on stage. Also fetching coffee several times for Mr. Daniel's and his handler. This explains his boundless energy. He was very friendly with all the attendees, Taking photos with everyone that had a camera.
I saw they had Gizmo stationed several different places throughout the day. Late in the day all the volunteers were able to meet John Rys Davies and get his autograph. He was so charming! And looked fabulous! I had heard, then witnessed that whenever he took photos with anyone he would tickle them! After the show closed the volunteer staff went to dinner at Golden Corral. Much talking and laughing.
Sunday Morning with one extra hour of sleep (hooray) we arrived at the show, wandered, visited, etc. until a few minutes before eleven and off to our posts. I was again requested to attend the stage with Mr. Daniel's. (It pays to dress sharp with him in attendance). I'm not sure where they put Gizmo, I think at the line entrance for Mr. Daniel's. Later in the day I was able to leave my post for a little bit several times. Once, I was able to go out to the area where John Rys Davies ( Gimli, Sliders, Indiana Jones, and many many mores things) Shortly before he was to leave some of the volunteers were able to get photos with him. Gizmo and I included. And he did tickle! I tickled him back while asking if anyone had been that friendly with him all day, He looked closely at me and said mmmmmm.
(something like that noise anyway) Would anyone expect less from me? Then just before walking out the doors John shook hands all around. I stuck my hand out and instead of shaking it he hugged and kissed me right on the lips. He then smiled so beautifully, and said how wonderful it was to meet everyone and thanked us for asking him to come. He was genuinely warm and friendly with everyone.
There were many other smaller stars there. Some I have met before. Brad Dourif (LOTR Worm Tongue, Voyager, Alien 4, Chucky etc.) He was not feeling particularly well so not very friendly. Warrick Davis was there with his little girl. David Hedison (Voyage to The Bottom Of The Sea) Older, gray and still looking great. Dave Prowse (Man in the Darth Vader costume) and more.
BTW: The Starfleeters had a Toys for Tots thing going. They did well. We need to give this type thing some thought.


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