Personal Log: Cooking for Blacksmithing Classes, May 2015

Personal Log: Cooking for Blacksmithing Classes, May 2015

This was not an AER qualifying event. It was not a klingon event. I did not raid a mundane event. I was expected to be present as the de facto if not de jure "head of my class".

The Craftsman classes were to meet and cook with the cooking gear that we hammered out. We were to cook for ourselves, the Beginner Class and the Intermediate Class.

Being the only klingon representative present, I arrived and set up shop. I set up a proper kitchen along with my tripod and other gear to cook. I also brought a metric boat-load of stuff to cook and to share with others cooking.

You will see in the images that we were to use the tripod, trammel hook, "S" hook, skillet and "pot" that we hammered out. There were many cooking stations set up and much food was cooked.

You will also note from the images that I was the only station with all of the above in service and I had set up a full blown station with cutting board, spices, and our klingon banners to show my affiliation.

The banner that you cannot quite see is the LSWA banner for the Texas Klingons. The shirt has the original IKV Melota logo on it. Probably not identifiable in the image.

No, this is not an AER. It is klingons showing superiority in service.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Blacksmith, IKV Melota


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