Personal Log: Space City Con, 2012


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Personal Log: Space City Con, 2012

This was the first Space City Con so everything was up in the air about how well this con would go. I think that it was one of the best run that I have seen. I'm basing this on how much time the owner did not waste putting our administrative fires. George could be seen strolling through the floors talking to everybody. Things just seemed to go smoothly. There were multiple floors with vendors, fan tables, combat and gaming. Volunteers seemed well organized. Panels were running smoothly. In summary, this was worth the trip.

Earlier, at BayouCon, one of the vendors (MechCorp) noticed our efforts and suggested to George that he contact some klingons to invite down to his con. I was thus contacted and we discussed the idea of getting some of us to come down. We made arrangements to have a fan table and possibly doing a panel. Upon arriving, we set up the KAG recruiting table about 1500 Friday. This was recruiting for KAG for the Houston area. We had hoped to see our new Houston recruit, alas, that was not to be. The recruiting table ran Friday 1500-2200, Saturday 0800-2200, and Sunday 1000-1700. We had solid manning of the table with four of us present for these durations. We also had quite a few potential hits. It remains to be seen if any actually sign the KAG robo-app. There were two hits solid enough that I have contact information. That was the reason that Squeeze and I went. And, we certainly thank Dragen and Amy for assistance with the table and generally keeping us company. Friday night, Squeeze read the Con program and noticed that the IKV Melota is in the program. That puts the IKV Melota in a con program for the first time to my knowledge. She also noticed that the IKV Melota (I) had a panel to do at 1300 Saturday.

That panel was quite extemp. I took my keyboard for my palmtop to the recruiting table and started working on an outline. The presentation pretty much followed the outline. It was about the "klingon culture". Where do we get it? How do we live it?

I was privileged to be allowed with the other VIPs to a more private meeting with Nichelle Nicholes. We met in a conference room and were able to ask questions and hear her stories in a less formal setting.

She was giving panels and book signings during the days and I did ask for her to sign her book of which I have a copy. I was also present when George presented a plaque signed by the Mayor of Houston honoring her for her work with NASA and by extension, Houston, the Space City. Saturday afternoon, I fought with Muerte of the Mech Corp, again. This was long planned and eagerly awaited. We went up to the LARP level and borrowed some of their space. I brought a set of armor, helmet and weapons for him so that we could be more serious about this than at BayouCon. I was still very much limping from my May foot surgery. However, unlike BayouCon, the stitches are out. We had a great time fighting for about an hour.

It was great associating with the MechCorp again. I look forward to being at a con with them next year. And, a rematch with Muerte.

This was a great Convention.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

On stardate 08/11/2012, Kaldera & I, Dragen (aka Amy Christensen & Tony Christensen), of the IKV Melota & House Draconus traveled to the Terran city of Houston, Texas to join Salek & his parmachi in representing the empire at the 1st year premiere of SpaceCity Con (Their charity for theis year was called "Kids Need To Read"). Departing at 2300 hours (give or take) in Kaldera's warp capable shuttle, we made for the event.

After unloading and trying to rest some, I ventured down to the main floor to pick up my volunteer badge and to see where my duty station was. Being assigned to entrance security, and not having to report for duty till 1230 hours, I decided to do a bit of recon and see what was what. The 2 big celebrities of the event were Nichelle Nicholes (Uhura from Star Trek:TOS) and Jason David Frank (aka Tommy Oliver the green power ranger and well respected martial artist in the real world). Authors Laura & Tracy Hickman were there (very personable and friendly couple, even stoping by my duty station to see how we were doing and ask a few questions), as well as a host of anime and comic artists and others I can't recall. There was even a fan group for "Legend of the Seeker" there seeking signatures to try and get the show renewed (OF course, Kaldera and I signed the petition cards). Other fan groups there included (besides the IKV Melota) the USS Zavala (Probably misspelled that). The Mighty Morphing Texas Rangers (A cosplay fangroup based in the power ranger universe), a mechwarrior group ( can't remember the name of (But whom Salek is familiar with) with their VR battle pods, the 501st and Kessel base (representing the Star Wars universe), a local ghost busters fan group and a whole bunches of gaming types in a room adjacent to the dealers room on the 3rd floor.

1230 hour I reported for duty and made sure Terrans entering the con had the proper security clearance for the day, answered questions posed by terrans and celebs alike, and basically got to meet and greet all sorts of new and different life forms (especially of the costumed variety. being relieved of duty at 1630 hours I reported for duty to the IKV Melota's sector and did my duty for the empire. I attended no Q&A panels or anything this day as there were none I was interested in, but I did get to meet and talk with Nichelle Nicholes for about 5 minutes at her signing table upstairs; a most friendly and personable woman.

Sunday arrives. I reported for duty at 1000 hours for more entrance security. At 1300 hours I was released to attend the Jason David Frank Q&A (One of my main goals for that weekend being to meet him), and was pleasantly surprised to see a star so fan loyal (He has even fired an agent or 2 because they were not fan friendly). JDF loves acting (no matter the role), is a gifted martial artist (Holding a 7th degree black belt in American Karate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu), has 4 dojos in the Houston area (Where he's from). For my crowning event of the weekend, Kaldera and I attrended the Dr Horrible sing-a-long presented by a Houston group called "After Midnight". I, Dragen, was even selected to be a part of the "evil league of Evil" at the end of the sing-along onstage. WOOHOO!!! That was a major coolness!

The con organizer, George, was a really cool guy to work for. His goal for future SpaceCity Cons is to see it grow into the "DragonCon of Texas" eventually. I sure as heck hope it does. All in all, it was a very good con; especially for a first year con.

Lt. Dragen, tai


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