AER: Space City Con, Jan2014


IKV Logh Veng's first recruiting table!

AER: Space City Con, Jan2014

The KAG Ship IKV Melota placed Warriors at Space City Con (Winter, Galveston). This time was somewhat different as various KAG and non-KAG items* were going on at the same time in this away mission.

The IKV Melota would have been manning a recruiting table. However, the new KAG Ship IKV Logh Veng took our table to recruit for their own! This would be the first recruiting table for the new Houston Ship. Dragen worked the table with Ensign Q'alara and her crewman. Though I was not intending to work the table per se*, I also assisted a little bit with the table.

For their first table, they had over 19 contacts on paper for the weekend. I have no idea what went right relative to my two other table attempts which garnered pretty much three contacts over two years. Hopefully, they pan out.
Also, the IKV Logh Veng's first recruit was working their table.

About the asterisk...
This is the first con (ever) where Squeeze and I were just "goers". We planned no direct obligations and could do and see anything. However, I was still sitting for the table periodically as I have a bad foot. Even if just playing, I owe it to the IKV Logh Veng to offer some support so I sat at the table when my foot would ground me. I thank Q'alara for allowing me to land, and assist. Squeeze met with local Fleet31 individuals about uniforms that she is sewing for their officers. (There was a prior away mission to Houston to start measuring and fitting last month.) We three groups were cross supporting each other during the weekend, IKV Logh Veng, Fleet 31 and the IKV Melota. Squeeze and I also intended to see the local Moody Gardens, the shore battery emplacements, and to camp on the beach at Galveston State Park. There will be more to the AER and pix on the IKV Melota AER page for this event.
Now, back to the regular AER...

The IKV Logh Veng had its first panel. Q'alara did a panel on "Why Be Klingon". This had a large turnout and garnered some of the recruiting contacts. It was actually fascinating in that three groups got into a three way discussion about certain facets of klindom whereby Q'alara became a moderator for an active, self-sustaining discussion. Melota membership were present for "show" and the occasional "experience" question.
Q'alara led a Death Howl for James Avery which made the lobby go silent for a few moments.

There were a lot of mainline folks at Space City Con.
I was getting my Computer Science Degree when TRON came out. So I really needed to ask Bruce a few questions about Legacy. Also, enjoying Babylon5, nearly the whole main cast was there. There were stars and co-stars from various 80s TV shows, too. And, tons of extras. I found it interesting what the local paper had to say about the con. The local paper's Saturday article pretty much slammed the guests as nobodies and has-beens.

Looking at the list of VIP attendees to this weekend's Space City Convention at Moody Gardens, you be forgiven for having to go to Google to get a little clarity.
While the dozens of actors who are scheduled to appear at the convention this weekend have appeared on some of television's most popular programs, not all of them necessarily had starring roles.

Apparently, the newspaper sent their sports writer to cover the convention. The next line went downhill from here.

The combined ships/fleets sat with Rick Fitz Friday night. We all had a great time and Mr. Fitz is a "fan's actor". Like JG and Bob, he really enjoys his fans.

Waffle House, Sat Night

Saturday night, the combined ships/fleets went to Waffle House together. Then, we returned to hang out for a while with Mr. Fitz and the other actors still in the lounge.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
EX-Architect: Project IKV Houston

Not related directly to the klingon thing would the the venue and nearby attractions. Part of the plans for the weekend was to go through Moody Gardens. The Rainforest was quite fascinating. Very beautiful. Going through the aquarium will knock your socks off. Imagine having a 7 foot shark coming straight at your head. As a military historian, I also wanted good pictures of the Fort Crockett emplacements.

Post Con, did not want to drive back. Spent the night at Galveston State Park on the beach. Only catch was the cold front. 27 in Houston. GSP was three degrees warmer due to the water.

There were also the 6 inch and 14 inch shore defense emplacements.


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