Good Day to Dine


Report on the Spring 2003Tournament sponsored by the IKV Melota.

This is a bit long, because there was so much to write about.

Quick summary:
The Tournament went off very well. It started ON TIME and was well represented. One Warrior not present (medical waiver) "watched" and attended the Ceremonies by proxy. A large SWAT figure was placed in the Ceremonies as his stand in. The combat went well. Only one injury of note. This was the Last Tournament for one of our great Warriors. He will be retiring from combat. The children and grups had a blast with the Jem Hadar pinata and its payload set for all ages. Ceremonies were hampered by time and darkness, but I hope that they will still look good on the video. The darkness did show the Trophies very well though. The colder temp subdued the party. There was no dancing (bad) and no hangovers (good) but it was still a good time.
End Summary

Some of the Warriors spent a work day on March 8th clearing the property of sticks, twigs, and widowmaker branches. Areas were raked and cleared. The bonfire was built. The Friday of the Tournament we arrived and prepared the "Ring", podium and camps. There was light partying with most in sleeping bags by midnight. Rotokq once again brought a guest and we stayed up until 0300 imparting our Rules and Concepts to him. Rotokq, being fond of my meads was presented with a personalized bottle of mead etched with a trifoil. During the Friday night caucus.

0700 came way to early in the morning as it always does. The awesome Captain3A and Person1A team once again cooked breakfast for the Warriors and families thereby allowing the Tournament to start on time with well fed combatants. While they were cooking, we were finalizing the "Ring" with flags, banners, beer keg, videocamera spectator chairs and anything else that usually surrounds the "Ring". Thank you, Ladies!

It also helped us to get the Tournament started on time that Captain3's watch was some 40 minutes fast. So we were in a heavy duty panic to get our faces stuffed and the Tournament started. We busted our butts to later find out that his watch was fast. Well... It started on time.

I am using "Ring" in quotes because this time, it was a triskel. The triskel was surrounded by a circular fence again to keep out kids, dogs, and errant spectators. That fence really pays off. The triskel was made of 1 inch pvc. You could literally feel the boundaries without tripping over them. My only commentary against this is that during the fights, the judges still need to insure that the Warriors start at a corner/startbox. I had too many situations where "fight" was called while my opponent was in the controlling middle and I thus started backed into a corner. Otherwise, this was a very good layout with many possibilities.

Thank you Denise for being the Scorekeeper. It is a tough and trying job. I know, I did it the only Tournament that I could not fight. (medical waiver)

The enforced "no argument" Rule made a big difference though it was allowed to slide a bit. The flip side of this was that we had our first "instant replay" call. A digital still camera was consulted to finalize the call between to combatants on a hit that the judges could not see. It was fun and funny at the time. I just don't want to start relying on the videocamcorder as a 4th judge as the cameraman has enough to do. Thank you sQweezinart for being the cameraman again! Speaking of cameramen, as we have one retiring Warrior after this Tournament, we may have just gained our first Full Time Judge or another full time cameraman.

The fighting was good and clean. Minimal injuries and everybody kept their Honor and temper in the "Ring". As we get better, the fighting gets faster and harder. Given that some of us fight weekly, the usual contact Rules of Tournament are waived since we already fight this hard. I had the opportunity to challenge Kmok since I did not draw his name. This again allowed two fully armored Warriors to face off with a no-holds-barred combat that cannot normally be allowed in the "Ring". The other item of armored interest was that the guest Warrior was also an armored Warrior. He got to face Kmok more than I did.

Jay was looking better than ever and was in good form. He is losing weight in order to re-enlist so he is not the same guy that rolled upside down back in Mudfest 2000. Alan did more splits than Debbie the Dallas Cheerleader. Person1 started the day with a bad knee and ended the day with one worse.

Krell fought against the advice of the crew and did splendidly. However, this is probably his last Tournament. His body and the follies of youth and jumping out of perfectly good army aircraft are catching up with him. We will miss him as a combatant. But that now means that he will be available for other services. He can be a full time Judge which we could really use. Or he might become another trained videographer for the ship. Our loss is our gain. We still get to keep him.

The pinata was a Jem Hadar this time. Like last time, the pinata contained goodies for all ages. However, this time, "Jimmy" was burst by one of the children instead of a Grup. There was the usual scrabble for goodies as the children harvested candies and toys while the Grups acquired the little flight bottles of hooch. Two of the women managed to find other items of adult interest. Afterwards, the tokens were exchanged for objects that could not fit inside "Jimmy". Instead of ceramic mugs, this time the prizes were glasses of various sizes etched with klingon symbols. Gaelinda's puq'be (Raven) got the large alien head, therefore, as the Grup she received the really large "vase" bearing the security symbol.

The dinner cooked by Captain3A, Person1A and company was effectively the Lone Star Warrior's Association's event, Good Day to Dine. We therefore had a great turnout at the GDtD and a darn good time. Thanks for organizing and cooking for us once again.

I casually write about setting off low yield nukes at our campouts as a past-time. The neighbors will now probably think that that is real after this weekend. They must be wondering about what goes on at Kbubble's place. The bonfire was started with a nice "whoooomp". The pressure wave was impressive. I also believe that it fullfilled Gizmo's adage, "it is not a bonfire if it cannot be seen from space".

As we practiced the Prayer a few times and then did it for the actual Ceremonies, our voices probably carried at least a quarter of a mile. Then they must be curious about that dark cult over there that chants to a bonfire. Then there was the Death Howl that had to have carried at least a half a mile in the dark. "Them's is weird people over there, Mildred."

At the Ceremonies, Person1 and Krell were to busted up to participate. Krell loaned his uniform to Jay who stood in as his proxy to receive his awards. Person1 won enough to face hobbling up to the stage a few times. He needed more bloodwine to ease the pain. The plastic SWAT figure was placed upon the stage as a proxy for another regular Warrior who was out on medical waiver. Thus Kyle was there by proxy. We opened with The Prayer. Then a Death Howl for those who died for our real world space future, and for those fallen in battle in the Mid East, and a others for whom we will miss. Fred Rogers was included in our remembrances as a lot of us grew up wth him. Some of us were his very first viewers back in the early 60's. Tournament and other Awards were handed out. Campaign pins were also issued to those present.

After the Ceremonies, we broke up for some good old fashioned partying. However, due to the temperature, it ws rather subdued as we pretty much kept near one of the two fires for warmth. We may not have been as wild as last time. But we certainly had a great time in the bonding of Warriors.

No casualties, no hangovers, we got up Sunday morning and continued with the fellowship of Warriors until time to break camp. We broke. We cleaned up. And if all went according to plan, we left the property cleaner and in better shape than when we planned this.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr. Salek Sutai the SORE
Ship's Brewer


There were a lot of fantastic battles from a spectators standpoint.
The fights between K'lu and K'mok were very dramatic, and K'rell fought with such a passion, everybody who came up against him had to give it their all. Another favorite was Salek's DaktaG with James......I hope between the video and the stills we took we can convey the feel of the tournament.
I'm really glad to have been there. anybody who didnt make it will have to work twice as hard to make up for it at Deliverance, and I expect full reports when y'all get back.
I am proud of all my brothers and sisters, and I am thankful for everyone watching out for me so I could enjoy myself.....
Gizmo, thank Lynn for harassing me to "go sit down!!!" all weekend. She really helped make this a great time for me. Its appreciated to find people who can relate, even to the part about I dont want to respect my new limits, and have to be told to.
Love y'all. I look forward to the next earliest possible get together.



As to my "Injuries" sustained in the Tournament, I had my right arm beat pretty good, and I took about 5 good hits on the back of the right hand, as well as a few Head shot's. I do not remember who it was, but someone managed to take a little skin off my right cheek. The different colors are really Cool! on my hand though.

As to having to "Bow Out" of the Ceremonies, this was due to the before mentioned Injuries, and several old ones. Friday prior to the Tournament, I had 6 "Facet Injections" into the side of my neck.

These were due to old back and neck Injuries sustained MANY years ago. I actually went into the Tournament with the outlook, that if I won a Match, Fine!.....If not, Fine! My Greatest Joy is living on the Edge of Battle, and to compete against Warrior's who I have no doubt are capable of Defeating me! This is my Test against Myself....To Survive! In REAL Battle...."There is No Second Place!...There are the Quick,....and the Dead!"

At this Tournament I had the Outstanding Privilege of competing against the Best of the Melota and others! I had pretty well figured that until I have some work done on my neck and back that this would be my last Tournament. So I went at it with the pure intent of simply "Enjoying" the Battle! To those Warrior's who Defeated me, I Salute you! To those Warrior's I Defeated, I Salute you also with No Less Respect! My one regret at the Tournament, was not to have Crossed Blades with My Brother Salek. He is a Fine and Capable Warrior, one to be contended with seriously! His improvement at each event is Astounding!

I look forward to assisting My Northern Brother's in any way I may be able to provide. I look forward even more, to being able to step into the Ring one day with You!



This tourney was Glorious, I missed out on Bat'leth and got bumped out of just about everything first round but then I did not expect to do well. The combats were very challenging and most were very evenly fought. The ceremonies were grand,the Blood-Wine was great and hasn't blinded anyone YET!!!!

The Prayer
Lo, there, do I see my Father.
Lo, there, do I see my Mother, my sisters and my brothers.
Lo, there, do I see the line of my People back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
in the halls of Stovokor
where the Brave may live forever.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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