AER: All Things Klingon #1


Yo Ridgeheads.....

Thank's to Capt. Robyn Winans and Richard Nash, Community Relations Director at Half Priced Books for setting up this event, and Hosting the IKV Melota! For those who were not there.....YOU MISSED IT!.....We gave a Seminar, complete with Podium, Lights, and a Sound System to about 60 people counting those standing in the Aisle! Klingon's in attendance Saturday nite were: K'Mok, (Adam Hamner)and his Par'maqay Denise, Clu (Greg Goodwin), Judmos, Bob McFadden, Krell (Harold Rosenbaum) and his Par'maqay K'Linn (Linda Rosenbaum).
Half Priced Book's presented a GORGEOUS Plaque to the LSWA, The IKV Melota, and the Klingon Empire! I will bring the Plaque to the next meeting for all to see! Certificates of Appreciation were given to those who worked the Thursday Show, they were: Pat Burk (K'Bubbles), Efrain Vidal-Plaza (Kamin), Harold Rosenbaum (Krell), and Linda Rosenbaum (K'Linn). These too are GORGEOUS!, and will be brought to the next meeting!
A full report on the event will be given by Krell at the next meeting. Photo's have been posted in the CTF Rogue Squadron Group site on Yahoo. Mr. Nash has promised to forward his photo's to us, as well as a copy of the Video he took of the event!
To hear all about "All Thing's Klingon", be at the next meeting!

Strength and Honor

Lt. Krell
IKV Melota


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