Comicon, Feb 2005


AER: Comicon, Feb 2005

This one is primarily comic books, so it is a little light on Trek. The guests were the title actor from "The Punisher", Patricia Arquette, and Stan Aston (Samwise Gamgee). The real estate is smaller so this was really packed in. At some point, the legal limit was hit and they had to start turning away potential guests. This is not to say that this was a bad Convention. Just not quite the same as a TV/movie based convention in the larger Plano Convention center. There was a lot going on and the Con was doing a booming business with it.

This time, we were all "civilians" and not security. This allowed us to actually enjoy the Con as guests without any responsibility. The object was to recruit. There were many hits. Now we must just hope that they pan out.

We need a JarJar head for our pikeline.

Not of our genre, but certainly worth mentioning was the Marine assault rifle from "Aliens" that was a full sized, fully automatic 6mm "soft air" gun. Like the movie version, its magazine holds 100 rounds and counts them down on the LED counter. Wow!

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek
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