AER Deliverance Wars III, Apr 2005


AER: Deliverance Wars III

I start off with a special mention for a mundane who busted ass to make this happen. Duke really busted butt in helping CF and TangQa put on D3. During that Friday night, many of us pitched in to assist Duke and his son in putting up the guard tower. With a bit of a team effort, the "compound" was ready for Saturday. Duke was still working on putting up the stockade fence around the compound during the "Battle of the Alien Crash Site".
But he pulled it off. They pulled it off. Duke, CF, and TangQa put up one helluva weekend.

Captain3 got to use his killer bad news truck tent for the first time. Talk about a mobile home. Dang. I used my KDF issue flectar tent for its first time. Krell brought out a new "hotel" of a tent. The mask won from the Gorillas was displayed above the banner, All kinds of new equipment going up for the first time. The new logo IKV Melota banner also was displayed at its first camping event.

What can you say? A four room compound with a stockade fence. A 20 foot guard tower. A crashed "alien" ship complete with a destruction trail through the woods. Spotlight on the guard tower run by a very vulnerable generator. Ammo dump???? More bunkers. Bunkers moved MUCH further away from the village. This became a single battle zone over some 5 acres easily.

Attendance was as good as always. IKV Melota put up 3 combatants. The another club from DFW put up two. The IKV Deliverance brought in six ringers (from the university) to have a ship's complement of 8. Duke had his usual crew. Plus we gained 5 other local mundanes over the course of the day.

I also wish to thank Bastitch for assisting me with the videography. Thank you guys. It gave me a chance to fight.

The six ringers were Viet Namese students from the University where TangQa has connections. They had never done paintball before. Did not matter. They were aggressive and agile. In spite of the lack of experience, they caught on very fast and operated as a squad very effectively. (They also took an interest in the Batleth and will hopefully join the IKV Deliverance.)

We started the morning off with a three way battle. The "aliens" had to defend their crashed ship for 30 minutes from both the US and the Russian teams. This was a feed silo overturned, dragged into position (the destruction trail) and with windows and a door cut into it. Lord Krell (IKV Melota) was inside making that ship work like an old broadside frigate. He and CF (IKV Deliverance) were in a serious pissing contest for a long time. There was a definite "spalling effect" as some rounds would enter the ship and bounce around for a while. Lord Kamin (IKV Melota) was outside in a protective position guarding the side that did not have gun ports. The video will show some seriously vicious running firefights between him and Lord Captain3. There was paint spraying through the trees going both ways as those two battled it out.
There was massive mayhem as some 20 people were all throwing paint in a regeneration-timed battle. Ultimately, the aliens held off the assaulting forces for the required time.

From there, most of the battles involved assaulting the "compound" though there were a few "Predator" battles.

With four rooms and a stockade fence, the compound was the subject of many assaults. It soon became a low rent district as the fighting lowered property values in a hurry. There was much sniping through windows and long range artillary work. We would take turns creating Opfor and Defensive teams and try again. Usually, the Opfor would take the compound with 2:1 odds. Normal theory states that there should be a 3:1 force attacking but 2:1 was working well enough. Once the Opfor penetrated the compound, then the ranges were at maximum 15 feet so that meant some serious hickeys from close range shots. As people shot through windows the ranges were well under the usual 20 foot cutoff limit. But that is the nature of urban warfare.

Later, since we klin were of a mind and wished to see each other, we quit the fighting for fellowship and remained at camp after dark. There was much fellowship of klin and we definitely got the attention of two of the guest mundane shooters. They shall very possibly come down for the Fall Batleth Tournament. They may even have a species change operation and become klingon to join us.
We were tired and somewhat cold and were without the usual bonfire, so there was not the usual formal Ceremonies. With a couple of gas lanterns for light, We just put the Bloodwine in the middle of our circle and dipped in turn, then we Howled for our dead. We Howled for Jorf. We Howled for a friend of CF. Afterwards, it was just being friends around the Bloodwine Bucket.

Duke and the locals continued with night battles. There was already a gasoline powered generator at the compound. Floodlights were placed upon the guard tower. They had battles such that the Opfor first targeted the generator to kill the floodlights. Later, while we were drinking our Bloodwine, we saw rockets and heard mortars exploding as an ammo dump was destroyed. The explosions echoed off of the hills as well as the Howls.

I think that one of Captain3's favorite phrases sums up D3 the best...

"Very niiiice".

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

From Krell:

First....I have to say that the Fellowship was most exceptional! We had a Great Time, with Good Friends and Worthy Warrior's! The War Wagon with myself, and the Honored Warrior's, Kamin and Salek, rolled into Mike Beyer's place about 11 am, and proceded to set up camp. We had a great time talking with Mike and catching up on events and such.

Friday nite was BRRRRR!....even in my sleeping bag I was cold, and for someone who is prone to bouts of Hypothermia, that was not a good thing, but I got through it. (Mike, might have to commandere your trailer nxt year).

Saturday morning was exceptionally brisk with a good wind blowing. Shooter's (and I have to use the term loosely) started to arrive early morning. There were several Viet Namese college students who showed up, invited by Johnny Sides. I never did find out if they were in the Science Club he's associated with. But on with the report....

The first game was a "Capture the Alien Spaceship". An old Feed Silo had been dragged into the woods by Mike and laid on it's side. Johnny had cut a door and windows in it to resemble a ship of some sort. Myself and Kamin, with 3 of the VN shooter's, and another shooter who's name I've forgotten...(Sorry!).

This was the best game for me and Kamin I think!...The mighty Kamin played "Guard" to my being the "Alien". Damn it was hot inside that Silo!, but the play was Awesome! In the initial contact, the enemy had flanked us and came around in the woods downhill. It was a BIG Mistake! They should have come from uphill.....Anyway, the first 2 that I saw were attempting to come straight up the hill towards the Ship.

I had balanced myself inside the Ship, and leaned against the back wall to prevent them from seeing me easily, and just waited! They were cautious, but it was just too Damn easy! I waited till they got about 75 feet away, and took both of them out in about 30 seconds using 2 round bursts. About that time everyone was involved in the firefight.I must Compliment the Viet Namese students!, they were exceptionally fast, and did very well....Johnny, please pass that on to them, and my personal compliment to Wing or Win, Sorry, not sure right now what his name is, but I know you know who I am talking about!

Kamin had taken a position behind and under the back of the Silo. As soon as the Silo started to get hit, (Sounded like being inside a giant Gong), Kamin opend up and took out 3 of the OPFOR himself, before getting in a Brush Painting squabble with Captain3! The game ended with both surviving, as well as myself also.

Due to previous injuries, Kamin and myself did not get to play all the games, but the one's we DID play in were Great! I must pass on a Hearty "Thank You" to both Johnny Sides and (My Med's are messing with me again, I can't remember his last name), Duke and his Son for all the hard work they did on the mock village! It just get's better every year!

We played all day and wrapped up in the afternoon, so Duke could set up for a night game. That I did not attend as that I am Night Blind. As that Duke and his Shooter's played night games, the rest of us drank Bloodwine, and watched Captain3, and Mark, Johnny's son-in-law, launch Fireworks into the night sky.

Captain3 scares me at times...especially when he's playing with thing's that go "Boom". In one volley, he managed to set his shirt on fire!. I got part of it recorded, while at the same time trying to put it out. Captain3 now has what looks like a singed "Bullet Hole" in his shirt.

And a Big Thank's should go out to Mike Beyer and John Sides for putting up with our slightly twisted and warped crew! Also for the excellent "Feed" provided by Johnny!

That's all for now Ridgeheads, I will continue this later as that I have to go now...

Strenght and Honor to All,



It's Mike again,everyone's favorite redneck. D-3 come off with out any major complications. The Village was in the process of being built till late Friday night with the help of the conscripted labor of the Melota. I mayself was running around with my head cut off getting tools and working on last minute details for D-3 getting C02, etc! Johnny brought in some Vietnamese college student's which round up being ringers for serious competition in the field of play. Their names I could not pronounce let alone spell.
These kids were very good natured and had a blast with the batleth and paintball. This was the first serious recruitment drive for the Deliverance with several parties showing interest in the Klingon life style. The paint flew along with the usual curses of being hit with a paintball ! Most everyone was getting tired by late afternoon especially after eating BBQ and hotdogs provided by myself and Johnny! Duke and his shooters set up for a night shoot which entailed a generator station and an ammo dump type scenario.
Time was running out,so less than formal ceremonies were provided for the honor of fallen comrades and bloodwine was drank in their honor and war stores were traded late into the night! The over all theme for D-3 was simplicity and fellowship among new and old friends.

MIke CO IKV Deliverance


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