Fall 2004 Tournament


Friday night was cold and Tournament morning saw stiff and aged Klingons trying to limber up before entering the ring.

The combat was glorious and fierce. The bruises were many but absent from this event were any serious injuries.

At the end of the day my par'machai, Kle' Vaj, tallied the scores. The bon fire was lit and the awards were given. Later that night, as the Fall Chill settled in around our camp, I put my bruised and aching body to bed. I asked Kle' Vaj how my points had placed me in the overall standing. She answered me with the question, "Aren't you in enough pain already?"

Multiple groups from three states attended. Many were old friends. Many of you I was meeting for the first time. May we all enjoy each other's company for a long time to come.

- Lt. Cdr. "My loin clothe is longer than yours" K'Mok

3 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent, CRQ CO Lt. Cdr. Ri'Par vestai-bortaS, Ship CO Lt. K'Allen vestai-bortaS, and Helm Lt. Torsha vestai-bortaS, attended the IKV Melota's fall bat'letH tournament. I must say that we had a most wonderful time.

We arrived Saturday around 1pm-ish and missed the bat'letH and mek'letH divisions but we did participate in d'k'Tagh and Freestyle divisions. Ri'Par and K'Allen had to face off in the d'k'Tagh ring with K'Allen being victorious and even proceding to the final round. Not bad for a newbie to the tourney!.

Closing ceremonies were very impressive and the bloodwine was great. This was the first time the IKV Bayou Serpent has attended a tournament, but it surely won't be the last. We had a most wonderful time meeting, competing, and drinking with other Klingons of the Cold Revenge Quadrant and Rogue Squad. We had met some earlier at The Venom War, but meeting the others were incredible. Seeing Salek and K'Mok in loin clothes was kinda...well...ok...scary to say the least. No matter, fun was had by all.

The IKV Bayou Serpent had fun and can't wait untill the next tournament.

Lt. K'Allen vestai-bortaS
CO IKV Bayou Serpent


What a weekend. CF got to attend this Fall Batleth, even. We arrived Friday evening, set up camp and began socializing. Our many thanks go to our hosts Art and Pat (KBubbles) for putting up with us. We enjoyed the fellowship with Adam and Denise, Rose and Linda, Pat and Art, Jason, James and Amanda, and Paul and Kat. Dr. Gizmo finally arrived late that night. The conversation around the fire pit at Adam and Denise's camp was great. Enjoyed our time with you all.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. It was going to be a glorious day. It did get hot later. Here it is the middle of October and it was hot. Only in Texas and the South will it be summer in the fall.

After stretching, creaking, and popping, we got ready for the day's events. CF hasnt been to a tournament in a couple of years, and did well for having no practice. I have been to the last two. I think we represented our ship well. There was a pretty good crowd there.

I was a little dismayed to have to face my captain in the ring in the first round of the day, but luck of the draw I guess. He is a sneaky bastard, isn't he? Later, we broke for lunch.

The "No practice outside of the Ring" rule was a little troublesome. It was easy to forget, but with a little reminding, we complied. The Mek event was next. I made it to the final round. CF made it to the second round, I think, too much of a blur. Dak'taq went well also. By then the IKV Bayou Serpent made the scene. It was great to meet Ri'par, K'allen, and his mate. It was good to have some good rounds. Q'lu was good and took this event. His Amtgard training has done him well. It was fun to watch; Ri'par and K'allen face themselves in the ring for the semi-final match. I hope they will return to the next tournament. (Spring right?!!!)

I had too much fun in the freestyle match. Of course I took to heart the 7' rule on weapons. I have to admit though, the mace&shield and sword&shield were my greatest challenges. I felt the mace head swing by my head several times. Captain3 is a tough opponent in any case. If it wasn't for my reach, I would not have fared so well. I think it was Person2 with the sword&shield. Same problems for me. I had to get by the shield. He had his axe. Fun fight. I almost had to fight my skipper again, and he was using my halberd. But somebody else got the best of him. I had the good fortune to take this match.

The archery, knife, and hatchet throws were fun as well. It seems that there isn't enough time for it all. Too bad there can't be a 3- day weekend for everything that we could do. But, I guess it would be too taxing. I'm still nursing a hyper-extended elbow.

Honorable mention goes to Salek and K'mok for having the extra large gonads to get into the ring with nothing but loincloths. I thought it was fun. Don't know if I could have gone through with it. If you think these guys are white, you would have to have sunglasses with me. I'd also be afraid of hearing; "Thar 'e is men, the Great Moby TangQa'. Get the 'arpoons and man the skiffs!"

The ceremonies went well. Thank you Denise for all your patience and effort in keeping score. Many thanks for the patients of the crews for my performing the R'uusti ceremony with Krell. It is something I felt I needed to do. CF got his first Rank, and given by the quadrant commander too. That was good.

Sunday dawned. It was sad to have to leave. Clean up went well, and everyone there pitched in. Hope we did ok, Pat. Hated to leave such good company, but the mundane life called. Looking forward to the next tournament.

Mike and I are planning Deliverence III. Looking at March 2005, so we need input from the Melota. We will also put out the invitation to the IKV Bayou Serpent to come up to our event. As things develop we will firm up the date. But need input from all concerned.

TangQa tai
X.O. IKV Deliverence

This was probably the best Tournament of all in the guests category. We had Warriors from the IKV Deliverance (Ark) and the IKV Bayou Serpent (LA) arrive to fight. The U.S.S. Commanche supplied an experienced Warrior and a guest Warrior. We had a (guest) woman Warrior in the Ring for the first time since Fall 2001.
Then there were many welcome spectators that were new. A new local female Warrior was present for the first time as a spectator. Rumor has it that she intends to fight next time.

As usual we set up camp Friday and the IKV Deliverance arrived to partake of the pre-game Fellowship.

Saturday, we started the combat and it went very smoothly. Another key item is that there were zero serious injuries. First Blood was not even awarded.

The IKV Bayou Serpent arrived about 1400 and in time for DaQtagh and Freestyle. They also did some challenge rounds to make up for lost time.

There was another twist to the Tournament. Kmok and I, the two confirmed kilt wearers, chose to face our opponents and each other in (almost) true Celtic fashion. We made a concession to the presence of a couple of kids and wore loincloths, though.

Afterwards, we had one of the most populated Ceremonies that we have ever had. For the first time, we had more uniforms in front of the camera than non-uniformed audience. We simply had that many present in uniform. Awesome! Then there was a Ceremony within the Ceremonies as Krell and TangQa performed the RustaQ Ceremony to become Blood Brothers.

When it is warmer, we swelter but manage to party like mad. Being cooler, the activity was limited to Fellowship around the fires. Getting to talk to the out of state Warriors from the IKV Deliverance and IKV Bayou Serpent over mugs of Bloodwine made the whole weekend worth the effort. We must coordinate more interstate/intership events with both ships.

I thank each and every one of you who served, who attended, and who made this a great Tournament.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Salek "my loin cloth is long enough" Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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