Good Day to Dine, January 2005


After Encounter Report: Good Day to Dine, January 2005

The Warriors of the Lone Star Warriors Association (which includes members of the IKV Melota) held the January GDtD at Trail Dust Steak House in Arlington. This was coming hours on the heels of a Blood Drive so the order "go eat" was taken well at face value. However, we suffered a bit of an unpleasant surprise.

After an excellent visit in 2002, followed by another in 2003, we accidentally managed to skip 2004. I had suggested that Jan2005 be Trail Dust to almost make this an annual event. We even considered planning to return annually. However, this event was a culinary failure even if the klingon side of things was very much up to par. The food took 67 minutes from ordering to the table and was considered cold as delivered. Our waitress (singular) was obviously also working other tables and was conspicously absent for long stretches of time. The menu had been complete revamped removing the unique dishes that we came for. For steaks in general, we could go anywhere. The M.O.D. wound up hearing an earful from a few of us. This is a stark contrast to the usual "award ceremony" whereby we thank the management for being such good sports.

Klinwise, we had a respectable turnout of 17-19 grups plus a few children. (Warriors were milling about such that it was hard to get a solid count.) The slide is still there as well as the dance floor and both were well made use of by various Warriors. We had a great time barring the aforementioned issues. Lance and I had some really serious discussion about the practical application of modern LED technology. Other good conversation was going on and K'bubbles and Art had brought a laptop to show "slides" from their visit to Mexico. The pictures were fascinating as they went to Chichen Itza and we saw pictures that don't normally show up on PBS or in National Geographic. Since it was about time to consider the east side of the Metroplex again, the Spagetti Warehouse near Town East Mall was selected for the next Good Day to Dine. For us, that would be the last weekend of May when we might be able to be served outside on the patio provided that the monsoon season is good to us.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek
Ship's Brewer


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