SciFi Expo, Oct 2004


AER: SciFi Expo, October 2004

Wow! What an event! After a few years of seeing the same fans show up in the same costumes, this was quite a change. First off, there was still a line to get IN at 1500 and it closed at 1700. Over 3500 fans paid their way in to the Expo. This allowed for more costumes than usual. (For those of you used to bigger conventions inside a hotel with sleepover capacity, bear with us. This was BIG for the DFW area.)
New to see were:
Dark Helmet, Jim Bowman (Qlu's dad), a Stargate Marine, two Colonial Marines, an eye popping Wonder Woman (Qlu's sister), a bunch of early Starfleet uniforms as in "Enterprise", a Marilyn Monroe lookalike in a Playboy outfit (DANG!!!!), and many other NEW costumes that we have not seen before.
As security was handled by the USS Trinity River, a lot of us were there of our own accord. Some of us had volunteered (upon request) to man a "Toys4Tots" table. This was different from the usual security function. We were still proud to assist them with ship2ship assistance as we manned their Toys4Tots table with them. In the "Force Projection" category, we volunteers were their to assist them so that they could perform their primary function. Our object is to build positive intership relations with even with Federation ships.

The Guests present included Michael Dorn. So we had the opportunity to get our Batleths signed (for $30 bucks, though). Quite a few of us had Batleths signed and for me this makes my fourth klingon signature on that Batleth.
All in all it was a very good convention. No incidents. Lots of Guests. A near record amount of Fans.

"Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing."
General Chuck Yeager, USAAC, 20th Century Earth

Strength and Honor
Salek, Ship's Brewer


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