Christmas Party, 2004


AER IKV Melota Christmas Party, 2004

First off, I brought 15 pounds of mashed potatoes. (There is an inside joke here.)

The crew of the IKV Melota once again gathered at Kbubble's for the annual IKV Melota Christmas Party. There was some seriously good food present. Food item coordination was actually better this year for some odd reason. And there were some new items presented that we have not seen before such as a bread and sausage based "dressing".
It was started earlier in the day so that those making very long drives would not be facing them too late and too fed. Start time was 1600 and we pretty much broke up about 2100. That got most of us home before midnight unlike our traditional parties. It was certainly easier upon a lot of us.
The Ferengi Gift Exchange was different this year. The USS Trinity River gave us a new Rule to use for gift exchanges and we chose to try it out. Previously, #1 merely chose a gift. Under the USS Trinity River's Rules, after everybody has drawn, #1 gets to stick or steal. This now upgrades #1 from boned to the most envious position. For this first time under the new Rule, #1 chose to stick with what he had drawn at the beginning of the exchange.

Afterwards, there was the usual haggling of presents and leftovers. As we left, I realized that there had been no wine, or beer present. This was not planned. It just sorta happened. Perhaps I should have taken some bloodwine. Perhaps we can correct this oversight next year.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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