Christmas Party, 2005


AER: IKV Melota Christmas Party, 2005

The IKV Melota of the Cold Revenge Quadrant held its annual Christmas Party tonight. December Third may seem early, but we are busy with our fundraising during the holiday season and are in service during the usual Christmas Party weekends. A new venue was used as the newlyweds offered their house for the party. Turnout was fantastic and we stuffed the rather large house.

RotokQ and KatokQ (the new Mrs. Liscom) opened their doors offering a more centralized location. Food was brought in along with presents and drinks so there was plenty to stuff on and there were some left over sodas distributed afterwards. We pretty much filled two rooms and the back porch while eating. There were the hollerday foods and plenty of mashed taters.

After the feed, we managed to stuff ourselves into his living room for the Ferengi Gift Exhange. With 31 participants, it was great entertainment. Some of the families tag-teamed for "steals" and other items were stolen to the limit without collusion. The presents themselves ran the gamut with some real suprises being some more obscure items and wonderful knives. A box of gadgets including a dove-tail gauge was well fought over as were the knives. There were more etched glass objects such as a mirror with a female Warrior looking back at you. A complete boxed set of Star Wars Pez dispensers made the rounds.

As a final surprise, Qlu brought a ton of toys and kids clothing and a "rumage" was set up in the garage. The kids could pick toys to take home and clothing to wear. Erin lucked out as there were a lot of size 0 items that she might accidentally fit if she put a few more pounds on her butt.

This was a great evening with many families and many couples. The Old Crew (from 1998) was almost entirely present including KartoQ whom we no longer often see. As mentioned it was a big turnout. The upcoming video shall show the fun had by all and some of the gifts exchanged. To put it in more klingon terms... We wiped out a large flightless bird and a good portion of a targh. We consumed copious quantities of soda drinks. And we made good laughter amongst ourselves.

It was a good night to live.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

Ah yes: My first Klingon Christmas Party. Most impressive, if a bit mild mannered for Klingons. Dragen showed up right at 6pm with his parmachi Lyssa. She was rather nervous meeting my friends, but soon relaxed and was seen conspiring with K'Bec and other female warriors. There was much foord, drink, and merriment. There was flightles bird (I think you terrans call it a turkey), baked Targ (And no, it was NOT Donnner in drag. Not this time), black olives, and many many other things. We all mingled for a bit, ate alot, and gabbed alot. Then it was time for my favorite part: The Ferengi gift exchange. There was much, much good forage among the gifts; much fighting/stealing as well. Dragen cleaned out his toolbox at work, added a Dragon, and therefore had one of the more unique/unusual gifts this year. Dragen's parmachi ended up with a beautifully etched glass piece made by Salek's parmachi Donna/Squeeze. All in all, it was a glorious time. Wonder of wonders, Lyssa wasn't scared off either (And yes Denise, you all behaved well).


Yes, I did get to go and it was great!!!!

I'll admit it was mild compared to other events. But I for one like the chance to just sit back and enjoy the great food and company. I'd met most everyone before but this gave me an opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better and I did meet some new to me faces. One of which was Lyssa Dragen's date we had a nice talk and I hope to see her again.

It was fun posing for the camera with Jason B and with Lynn's help we got an unwilling Tony in one. Paul and Kat were great hosts and there house is grand. I think I was the last to leave and I'd of talked all night if I could of but alas real life calls.

Back at home my son loved the cars from Clue and stretchy robots from Salek.
My mother-in-law said the blood wine I gave her was glorious.

All in all I enjoyed my first Klingon Christmas party and am looking forward to next year!!!

O, and by the way there weren't enough potatoes I didn't get seconds.

And while Tony didn't arrive on a John Deere he left with at least two.



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