Blood Drive, Aug 14th


After Encounter Report: Blood Drive, Aug 14th

Success!!! Saturday August 14th at noon we descended on Carter Blood Care. Though they were expecting us, they did not seem really prepared. Adam Hamner, Denise Hamner and I, Pat Burke were scheduled to and gave platelets. Mark Alcala, Lynn Alcala and Greg Goodwin gave whole blood.
Supporting us were Donna Whitaker, George Whitaker, Kim, Erin, Errol, and Garion. Thanks! I will be scheduling us again for the first weekend in November. Hooray!

It has never made me feel funny except for a slight tingling in the lips. Thankfully, technology has now made it possible to use only one arm. Instead of the original two-arm process, which was grueling! Almost two hours of no arms. Couldn't even scratch your nose.
Did you know one in every 200 adults in the US is HIV positive. Others cannot donate for many various reasons. Then of course you have the Weenies. Worst of all there are many who are just to self serving to give a damn about anyone but them selves and won't donate! So as one of the few who knows I am a clean blood source, I feel it is important to give regularly.

I have been giving for some years. Doing double platelets almost monthly for several years. Then with their newest machine, beginning last year I now give platelets, plasma, and red blood cells all in one sitting. I always have my bottle of water to drink and sometimes juice during the siphoning process.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr. Kbubbles
Alien Relations Officer


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