Blood Drive, January 2005


After Encounter Report: Blood Drive, January 2005

Turn out for the Blood Drive was pretty good. However, most of us were disqualified or otherwise could not give blood. So we had a decent time of fellowship and providing moral support to those who could donate. Kmok, being O- is to do a different kind of processing next time. sQweezinart qualified this time having gotten the iron count up. We lost a couple of donors due to out of the U.S. travel placing them on a one year restriction. (ouch) Another day, another Drive. Maybe next time shall be better.

This Blood Drive was part of a planned "busy day" as our Good Day to Dine followed it. Thus the command to "go eat something" was not an issue afterwards.

We did take a small time out to go raid the Mall and to ride the carousel (in uniform). While "malling", we also raided the knife shop within the mall. Cere-Titan. Gotta get me some of that for the kitchen.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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