Venom Wars, Sep 2004


AER: Venom Wars Sept 2004

There is a reason that English is not the language of diplomacy. There is a reason that English is not the language of science. The vagaries of English caused a minor misunderstanding that completely re-arranged this weekend leaving both ships trying to recover and making do with the cards dealt. In spite of this, we of the IKV Melota who travelled to meet the Warriors of Louisiana declare this past weekend a success.

Qapla' !!!

Krell, Gizmo, Kamin, his son, and myself packed into the Warwagon and hit the road to Louisiana about 1600 on Friday afternoon. Perhaps it was showing our age but we hit the road with a CD of ACDC music and discussed some of our favorites like Procul Harem and ? & The Mysterians. We had to run the blockade that Ivan the Second placed about the Red River but we did not take any damage and made it passed safely.

We arrived at K'allen and Torsha's land and set up camp. Tents, flags, coolers, chairs, lighting, the works was set up as is our norm. The KDF issue tent was used for the first time along with KDF issue blankets. So the new Triskelfoil was showing alongside the older symbols that we always bring. We talked with them until very late and crashed to start paintball the next day.

Uh, um, due to the vagaries of English, we waited all day for the Warriors to arrive for night battles. So we attempted to entertain our hosts with war stories and concepts from the IKV Melota. I fixed a rather nasty virus on K'allen's computer and we watched some of the lastest videos from the IKV Melota. During the day, we pretty much baked in the sun waiting and marinaded ourselves in preparation for the upcoming battles.

About 1600, the IKV Bayou Serpent Warriors started arriving for their planned night operations. At this time, we demonstrated Batleth, Mekleth and DaQtag fighting and some of their Warriors opted to try it. There seems to be some sort of tradition that a guest wins at least one trophy at Tournament. Usually, the guest wins Mekleth. I submit that Ripar shall be the guest winning Mekleth if he is able to enter the Tournament. He fought like he grew up holding a Mekleth. I cannot wait for a rematch.
Well, to go on...
K'allen and his parmachi both entered the "ring" for Batleth. Others also tried out the hand weapons.
I must state that I'm already impressed with the crew of the IKV Bayou Serpent. Men and women alike were picking up weapons to fight, and were later throwing paint.

We eventually set up and played a round of paintball. Due to various reasons, it was only one round. But we at least did get in some paintball. But then, like Ripar said, "Paintball is an excuse. We are really here to get to know each other." And that we did.

They laid out a killer spread of sausages, burgers, and some really awesome beans. Torsha knows how to spice a burger. Those were really good. Whoever did the beans got plenty of verbal and vaporous complements about them. Sausages with jalapeno cheese in them were also present. (Kamin introduced us to them only hours earlier.)

They showed us videos that they have made. They have managed to be on area Television, a goal that we are still pursuing.
We hope that we put on an "OK" show doing Ceremonies. It was still too hot and humid to actually put on our uniforms. Their crew is not used to the concept (of Ceremonies our way) and we (of the Melota) were grasping at things to do for Ceremonies outside of the Bloodwine, Prayer and Howl since this technically was not our event/show. We still all tried and got something done. It was disorganized. It did not follow the script. And it was disjointed. But we had Ceremonies with the basics of the Howl, the Prayer, and the Bloodwine with a few other items thrown in inbetween some friendly interruptions.

Afterwards, it was serious fellowship and partying. We discussed flags, uniforms, events and event planning, and many things klingon. These Warriors are great! Everybody present had a killer sense of humor and added to the fun. K'allen's dad joined us and he, too, is definitely one of us.

I am not sure what go their attention the most. The Batleth skills, the uniform skills, the metal weapons making skills, or the brewing skills. But I am fairly certain that a few of them were very aware of the Bloodwine on Sunday morning.

We left them with some Bloodwine, heavy wheat, and heavy malt to enjoy afterwards. We also left the lastest videos on CD, a cardboard Batleth template of a new design, and an actual wood blank of our current Mekleth design.

We had FUN! And that is what counts. I submit that KAG ships should reach out to touch those other ships that are a little further out than your usual drive. There is much to be found at the end of a day's drive if you are willing to try. We certainly found a pot of latinum at the end of Ivan's Rainbow.

We salute thee, men and women of the IKV Bayou Serpent.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Salek the Sore


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