Venom Wars, October 2005


AER: Venom Wars II, The Great Dragon Hunt

The IKV Melota cruised from DFW to North Louisiana to visit the IKV Bayou Serpent. (Both are KAG vessels of the Cold Revenge Quadrant.) After arriving Friday night and setting up a dynamite camp, we partied with K’allen (QuadCommander), Torsha and Ripar (Captain, IKVBS).
The morning saw a wonderful mist for klingons and we geared up for paintball after coffee and breakfast. The other shooters arrived and by the time that we were ready to play, the mist was gone and cloud cover had the temperature about right.

We started an excellent scenario game. A Ferengi ship had exploded hitting the atmosphere and there were scattered packages containing valuable items. The team with the most value, not necessarily the most packages, after the 2 hours would win. The fighting was hard an furious, and the cloud cover wandered off leaving a driving sun that heated the BDU’s. The scenario ended at 1338 with the horns and whistles. Dragen missed the truck back to base. By 1400, we were worried about Dragen. He had still not shown up so we started searching for him.
We have recently lost a fellow Warrior who was heat sensitive. Heat sensitive or not, anybody is suseptable to viper bites. So after cruising the trails and paths for 2 hours we were really worried. We started a line search through the bush looking for Dragen.
At 1530 we had called the local hospital. At about 1615 we decided to call the sheriff to bring in more help and dogs to continue searching. This, of course, turns our problem into a public problem. Just as Torsha was headed to the trailer to call, we heard a diesel coming down the driveway. Here comes Dragen all bloody with his shirt torn, paintball helmet on his head, driving a full sized John Deere with PTO and front end loader attached.

The shock, the relief, the end of the worry. Damn. Whew!

Dragen had gotten lost and completely off of the property and into a pine thicket. He was so deeply behind that he was not hitting civilization as he was cruising the back 40s. When he found the tractor, he performed a “field acquisition” in order to find civilization and return to K’allen’s place. Torsha followed him back to the property to return the tractor. The owner is the father of one of the deputies that would have responded had we called the shire reeve. He was apparently of good humor upon hearing the story about why his tractor was acquired since Dragen was able to return home with us.

The Great Dragen Hunt was over.

By now, we were all too tired to continue paintball. We had also burned all of our adrenaline worrying. Thus once again, Venom Wars consisted of only one paintball battle.

Now that we were finally able to eat, the Stage was prepared and a minor “oversight” was corrected. Dragen and Y’lesh were paintball virgins on their first outing and managed to not get hit. So they were sent to a tree to each get 1 shot in a butt cheek so that they would understand the game a little better. They now understand the pain of the game.
At this time, the packages were opened and point scores totaled. Once again the IKV Bayou Serpent beat the IKV Melota in the only game of the trip. Congrats to the home team. We shall do you in next year.

Wow! You should have seen the stage and Ceremonies that the IKV Bayou Serpent put on. K’allen and Ripar did a marvelous job. They built tall stage with a backdrop. Each upper support had a cardassian skull piked upon it. Banners were hung behind the stage for viewing. The Warriors present did a dry run through of the choreography before the real Ceremonies and performed well during the real thing. Bloodwine was dipped and I presented Nivek with a special Bloodwine mug. There was the Prayer and a Death Howl. Then awards were handed out for Most Bruises and Least Bruises. Campaign pins were handed out for both Venom Wars. Dragen received his official promotion to 2nd Lt. from the Quadrant Commander with the advise, “Remember, nothing runs like a John Deere.”.
K’llen carried Kamin’s spear during the Ceremonies. We all thank your for the gesture since Kamin would have been there with us.

I also give thanks to Brandy for assisting me with the videography.

Then the party afterwards. The IKV Bayou Serpent crew were great hosts and a lot of fun. For some reason we kept breaking chairs. It was a bad night for chairs. Nobody was getting hurt. It was simply that chairs were dying. Mr. Carnahan, K’allen’s Father, once again joined the crowd. He is a ball of fun on his own to be around. There was some Batleth and DaQtag demonstrated. Nivek stepped up to try the Batleth giving the IKV Bayou Serpent four Warriors who have accepted the Challenge. Nivek also showed his musket to us so different cultures from different centuries were presented.
With many different discussion threads going, a lot was talked about and enjoyed. Uniforms and Ceremonies concepts were talked about. Stupid stunts at work and with cars was another well done thread. We discussed banner designs and how to make the skulls used at Ceremonies.

Sunday morning saw the usual teardown and cleanup. It was hard parting but necessary as the mundane world called us home.

It was a very interesting and productive weekend with great friends.

Strength and Honor
Salek, Ship’s Brewer
IKV Melota

AER: Venom Wars II, The Great Dragon Hunt

OR: How to steal Terran farm equipment.

Well, it started out like a typical trip for us. I got of work at 2, flew by the bank and home to get my stuff, and headed to Krell's forge. After reloading my stuff into the war wagon, we departed for Choudrant and venom wars 2. Got there around 10 or 11 I think, set up camp, visited for a bit and crashed. Waking up Saturday, we hit the coffee pot before ANYTHING else (Priorities you know). About 10, the rest of the combatants arrived (2 mundanes from Ri'pars work), and off we went on a scavenger hunt. Lord Krell and I had the job of defending the blue team’s base, and Shelly and a mundane had the job if hunting the scavenger items as well as the other team. Well, we defenders got wasted, and after losing the items that had been brought back to base, Lord Krell and I went hunting as well.
NOW for the interesting part. I got lost in the woods. For over 3 hours. I wandered I don't know how far. I was so far away I didn't hear the air horns, whistles or sirens. I finally heard a bulldozer type sound, and being scared and desperate I headed for that. I got to an open area (FINALLY), and saw a John Deere tractor sitting by the fence I was at. I was so very tired and sore I got on it and drove towards the sound for help. The guy I had heard was gone by the time I got there, but I happened to look on the street and recognized where I was. So, I drove the tractor back to Allen and Torsha's place. After seeing the looks on everyone’s faces, I almost turned around and hauled butt back away. They were literally 5 minutes away from calling out every law enforcement person in the world, being afraid I was hurt or worse. I returned the "borrowed" John Deere, and all was well afterwards.
The party that night was a welcome relief from scaring the heck outta myself and the others. I honestly did NOT intend for ANY of this to happen, and humbly apologize to all involved for my indiscretion.

2nd. Lt. Dragen, Tai

The following is the IKV Bayou Serpent's report on the event.

Venom Wars 2 paintball war is an event I've been looking forward to for a while now.After last years event and seeing how the IKV Melota's events are so well planned we had to step up to the plate.I believe we did that very well.First off,we built a 2 foot high stage with platforms on the sides and the front.Two posts were attached to the back to hang the Bayou Serpent logo from and 2 cardassian skulls were perched atop the posts.Fire pits were placed all around.

The IKV Melota crew,which included Salek,Krell,Dragen,and Y'lesh arrived sometime between 11pm and 12am on Friday if my bloodwine soaked brain remembers correctly.We welcomed them and visited for a while before the camps were set up and it was off to bed,some to sleep.I stayed up after a long day of setting up to welcome Y'lesh a little more.

Morning came much too early but we were ready after 3 mundane guests I had invited showed up and were used to even out the teams.I volunteered to referee the first game and Salek held the camera.The first of the 3 "planned" games was a scenario game in which the Ferengi had found an Iconian gateway and used it to plunder various governments and time periods for valuable artifacts.The Klingon Empire destroyed the ship in orbit and the containers carrying the artifacts were scattered over the playing area.These 9 containers had different point values according to the value to the Empire and one was a fake.After a slighty late start,we started the first game which had a 2 hour time limit.Fighting was slow at first as everyone was scrambling to find the containers which I had hidden,another reason I volunteered to referee.Once the containers were found the opposing teams attempted to steal the containers from the enemy camp.Since the point values were very different,a team with less containers could still win it.After the horn was blown to signal the end of the game the Melota had 3 containers after a game penalty against the Bayou Serpent for a mundane removing his colored armband.We all piled into the shuttle for a lunch break one person short,Dragen.So began the search.Using communicators we searched on foot and by shuttle for over 2 hours before we all got into the woods forming a line to sweep search for Dragen.After a 3 hour search we became worried that misfortune had fallen on our friend,particularly by snake bite since snakes are common in the woods where we were.Darkness was quickly approaching and the hunt was called off and everyone returned home to call the police to help.Just then Dragen drives up and on terran farming equipment he had "acquired" from a local field.Everyone was very happy for this but he won't hear the end of it for a long time as we ribbed him all night and during the ceremonies.This year we only got to play one game,just as last year, with the IKV bayou Serpent as the winner.

Ceremonies started right at dark after a brief run-through for the members who had never been involved in one.Salek offered up the bloodwine to Quad Com K'Allen and then he took another dip in the name of Kamin,the Melota's recently fallen warrior.A death howl and prayer was given for Kamin,Torsha's father,and various Trek alumni.I handed out event pins were handed out for VW 1 and VW2 in which I told Dragen not to get lost on the way back to his place in line.Dragen was also awarded "least bruised" which we fixed later and one of our mundane guests won "most bruised".K'Allen promoted Krell and Dragen and ceremonies closed to start the party.

Partying with the Melota has always been my favorite part of the events and this was no different.Most everyone fought with either the bat'leth or D'ktahg,notably Ni'vek who didnt seem to be able to get enough,maybe he was trying to pay Salek back for the bloodwine sippy cup he was given during ceremonies!The evening saw lots of joking with Dragen,Y'lesh and my XO Torsha.Torsha and I ending up in a wrestling match on the ground and Dragen and Y'lesh were shot in the butt cheeks to show them the thrill of paintball.After everyone was sufficiently numb everyone started heading off to bed.

Sunday morning brought the tearing down and packing up that I hate so much.I gave Y'lesh her first Harley ride which she enjoyed very much and after a lot of chatting and hugging the Melota was en route back to Texas.I always feel a sadness in my heart when we have to say our goodbyes.The Melota is a great bunch and will be missed dearly til the next event.I will especially miss Y'lesh who makes my 8 chambered heart beat much faster.

Lt Cmdr Ri'Par vestai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent commander

Or The Great Compass-less Dragon Hunt
Friday, after a valiant attempt to avoid the truck so the men would pack it all up, we took off for Louisiana. We arrived late on Friday night and set up camp. After a few minutes of socializing, I retired with Ri'Par, where I found that I was very grateful that I snoozed a bit on the way there.

Saturday began earlier than I would have hoped. We got dressed and ready, and I was loaned Krell's A-5! Awesome gun, Thanks Dad. I was elected to go on the attack on the "first" game with Justin, one of the "Mundane" people. He was a cool kid, and was the main reason we got any points. After successfully losing Justin within the first five minutes, I kind of wandered around a bit, apparently lots of people on the opposing team tracked me, but I managed to pull through the game getting hit only once in the helmet! Not bad for a virgin paintballer. Since during the game, Krell and Tony managed to let the other team steal our containers, they split up close to the end of the game to try and save our butts. Krell returned, Tony didn't. After the first few minutes of no Tony, I started to get worried. After 3 hours of no Tony, I got hysterical. I thought for sure that we lost him! I was so scared to walk down one of those trails and see him hurt....YOU DANG CRACKHEAD!! As we were about to call the cops, there was a hush from the camp as a loud rumbling started up the driveway. When I first saw the tractor, I was wondering if the landowners had financial trouble they didn't mention, and the bank was here to foreclose. But when I saw Tony, I was in a dead sprint to kick his butt!! I was so relieved that he was okay, but next year, he is not allowed to go ANYWHERE without a GPS tracking system, a babysitter, and attached beacon lights for us to locate him.

The Ceremonies were done excellently, good job to all who worked so hard on setting that up. I was honored to get to hold the house banner and spear for the ceremonies, proving that I AM the favorite of all of his newly acquired children (haha). I would like to say a special thank you to K'Allen and Ri'Par for taking jabs at our little Deere, he MORE than deserved it!

The party was chill. After sparring in D'kTahg with Salek, K'Allen, and Krell (thanks for that fight, Dad) I started drinkin', and you could not guess how spaced you get after worrying all day and then throwing alcohol into your system. I kind of sat there all night and talked with anyone who got in my direct line of sight. I just wanted to blow off all of the troubles of the day.

Sunday, after waking up with a hurtin' head and achin' bones, I got to experience my new favorite thing in the world. Ri'Par took me on his Harley, and I loved every second of it!!!! I am only gonna date bikers from now on, no exceptions. Ri'Par spoiled me (thank you for all of your hospitality, Sweetheart)! Then we packed up and headed home. There was a bit of sadness as we drove away, I think that Torsha and K'Allen are the most amazing people and hope to spend time with them again real soon! As for Ri'Par...I missed him before we even said goodbye. Next year is definitely on my calendar, and I can't wait to go!



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