AER USS Joshua's Water Wars, 2006


AER: USS Joshua's Water Wars, 2006

The KAG ship, the IKV Melota, was a guest of the (Starfleet vessel) USS Joshua's annual Water Wars.

We had a great time. They started out with a picnic doing the grill thing and then moved into the various competitions.

Not necessarily in this order, nor is this all of them, I shall list the events that I remember.

There was the Kobiashi Maru competition which was a fascinating team event whereby a three person team had to walk on a huge set of "Romper Stompers" while another team threw water balloons at them. They did have the benefit of a shield person who would attempt to deflect the torpedoes.
The XO toss involved tossing a dummy, in Fleet, uniform at a round hole representing the airlock of a ship. The more limbs in the hole, the better the score. Sending him through was, of course, a perfect score.
There were old fashion pace-off two man duels.
There was a variant of the javelin through the rolling hoop. They used a Nerf rocket launcher to send torpedoes through the hoop.

Last Event, there was the fundraiser. Soak the Captain(s). Normally, they do a Soak the Captain. But since our Captain was there also, it was soak 'em both time. $1 per water balloon. They raised $46 before running out of water balloons. The water balloons were "special". They had been stored in a cooler in ice water to prepare them for this event. It was glorious as Gizmo was first up. Taking the part seriously, he asked for a blindfold and lit a cigarette as they put him up against the tree.
"Whoa! That water is cold!"

Their klingon and our available members combined to create a klingon team. The K-team came in second place. Ok, we did not win per se. But we had a lot of fun.

An interesting third party showed up. A warehouse near the actual house of House Salek was recently abandoned with rent unpaid. Per Texas law, the contents will be auctioned to recover the back rent. While investigating the warehouse, they found a back room set up as if it were a Star Trek Museum. These ST materials along with the furniture and other equipment in the warehouse will be auctioned off in a few days. This will be an opportunity to acquire a full sized Locutus mannequin, tableware from various ships, and many other goodies.

Finally, we got a recruitment type bite off of their event. We now are hoping that this person follows through and makes contact with the IKV Melota.

Great Time. Great People, even if they were a mostly hoomaan crew.

We are planning to attend next year and shall be practicing to defeat them at their own games.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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