Christmas Party 2003


AER Kbubble's Annual Christmas Party Dec 06, 2003

This one was an absolute blast. The turnout was just phenomenal with space becoming a premium. The participants started trickling in and well after the start time we still had folks arriving. The food was well planned and well presented except for my own faux paux of not making enough 'taters. There was good food, tons of fun, some awesome new QE4 products were revealed, and there was a special presentation made.

Food GOOD! Lots of it and very tasty. After a good hour of fellowship and coffee we quit waiting for other stragglers and started eating. As you can tell from the video space was a premium and there were folks eating just about any place that they could find to land.
We had many new guests and had the opportunity to break them in to our fun and fanciful lack of manners. Person2 brought a guest from the airbase. PersonD had his whole family present for the first time that I am aware of. Kamin also brought his family so that they could see the warped minds that he is now associating with. And I believe that there were a few faces from college that Kvlar brought home.
The Ferengi gift exchange was its usual treat. Kvlar got to open a present without having to catch paintballs first. (inside joke for those that know) Some of the gifts present were well made by our own locals. The bloodwine mugs from Person2 looked darn nice. Gizmo's two outgoing items revealed QE4's ability to make wonderful necklaces with weapons for the dongle. There was much fighting over the box of Spongbob and it was a hoot. There was some serious Ferenginar interplay to acquire the toolbox by any means necessary. Knuckles were put in the ceiling fan. Good thing that it was Gizmo and not Captain3. (guns whack harder than knuckles) Also, in the entertainment category, I was asked not to stand over the floor vent. The crew did not want me to do an imitation of Marilyn Monroe.
Normally, Edsel Murphy is my usual benefactor, however, Lady Luck shot the wad and let me win the door prize. It is a nice looking long knife/short sword. Cool door prize!
The highlight of the evening, though, had to be the presentation of the Spear. Denise had commissioned a spear from Lord Krell to be given as a Christmas gift to her parmachi, Lord Kmok. It was presented a little early due to logistics. The presentation was great. It was a very nice part of our evening. The weapon itself is, of course, a work of art. The blade has Kmok's celtic trifoil engraved and highlighted on one side. On the other side is his name in the same manner. I look forward to seeing Krell and Kmok working CATS together. Their spears shall be very impressive.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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