2nd Lt. Ka'Min tai

            Terran Information:

            Efrain Vidal-Plaza

Katai Ka'Min of House Ka'Min served the empire well for many glorious years, until he became the Sole Survivor of an attack by an unknown alien race. After this Event Katai Ka'Min became obsessed with discovering the truth of this attack, the Aliens and his key role in the events that would unfold and ultimately affect the entire klingon empire.

To find out more about Katai Ka'Min, his House and his adventures that lead Chancellor Martok to bestow the Honorific of "Katai" upon him go to his website.
To read his journal entries regarding the incident touched on above.

Now with his Honor and House restored, Katai Ka'Min has joined a new Ship the IKV Melota. Here he has a chance to serve the Klingon Empire again, serving as an example to all of that which is the Klingon Way and the Teachings of Kahless!

Efrain Vidal-Plaza aka Katai Ka'Min Lives in Plano, Texas and is a former Correctional Officer and ex-Law Enforcement from New Mexico.

Lord Kamin fell to a set of medical conditions that did not fully explain his "Event". After months in a coma, he left for Stovokor. (2005)
He is in our thoughts and prayers. We would ask that you Howl for him.


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