IKV Melota
Ship's Officers and Crew


Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the IKV Melota Crew Pages.

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Ship's Communications Officer, except between 2009-2012
Ship's Brewer,
and an Approved Brewmaster of the Empire:
Salek, George Whitaker, MCP, A+

sQweezinart, Donna Whitaker

close associates with whom we play:

Chicken Phuquer: Mike Beyer (Skipper of the IKV Deliverance)
TangQa: John Sides(XO of the IKV Deliverance)

Ripar: Shane (Skipper of the IKV Bayou Serpent)
K'allen: Allen Carnahan (Quadrant Commander)

Special Friends:

Ka'Min: Efrain Vidal-Plaza left for Stovokor in 2005
Krechoq: William White, on sick leave
Judmos: Bob McFaddin Head Honcho of the LSWA