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            Commander Salek Sutai
            Ship's Brewer
            Approved Brewmaster of the Empire
            ex-Communications Officer of the IKV Melota


            Terran Information:

            George Whitaker, MCP, A+
            AIM ID: Saleksutai

My ship's function primarily for some 10 years was communications. I maintained the local web site. For a few years (1999-2001) it was on an AST PremiumSE server in my home. Since then it has been on an AST Manhattan at a friend's server farm and then later at a commercial provider. Unlike most websites, I changed information on demand and backed it up regularly. Though some of the personnel pages had a tendency to get out of date, the Events, Campaigns, and AERs Pages were very up to date at all times. I also sent out "Requests for Comments" whenever an issue or opportunity was presented that needed to be discussed prior to a ship's meeting.

My real world equivalent rank was CIO.

My other function has been that of Ship's Brewer. I brew a thick, sweet, heavy malt that I bring to the campouts and sometimes to Camp Khitomer. This is my "standard". (7.6# dark malt + 5# honey, sg1.080, 10%) For those that show up to Ba'Leth Practice at my house, it makes a great pain killer after a few good bleeding wounds.
In May of 2009, due to the advent of others now mixing, I was asked not to use the self-made title of "Ship's Brewer". There seems to be some confusion between "mixing" and "brewing". I brew. AND, given it is a title that I made up, it is mine to bestow and it is mine to take away. I shall use it on my own website.

July 15-16 (2001), I had the opportunity to provide both Robert O'Reilly and JGHerzler with samples of my "standard" product. Both gents stated that it was a very good beer. Robert O'Reilly declared that I am an "Approved Brewmaster of the Empire". Years of study in fruition!
I shall brew with Honor using only natural ingredients.

I was in the Top Ten of the Klingon Assault Group for SETI crunching from 2000 until the group ceased to exist.

I have managed to be present at almost* every LSWA Good Day to Dine since their DFW inception. I have been present at every Venom Wars since their inception. I have also been present at every DFW Batleth Tournament though I had medical orders not to fight in one.
I am also one of the three fully armored Warriors who can go and accept all out combat in the Tournament Ring.

*I tore something in my foot on Saturday, May28th. I was physically incapable of walking or driving on May 29th 2011. I missed that Good Day to Dine. I have now missed my first GDtD and it grieves me.

I am one of three of the longest serving members having joined with Squeeze in May of 1998. For years Squeeze and I have co-sponsored and co-funded IKV Melota events. In 1999 I funded a personally owned computer for the express purpose of accomplishing the Ship's Voted Mission of creating Internet videos. During the years I have funded upgrades and new systems as technology changed in order to continue that Mission. My lovely parmachi has kindly tolerated my desire to brew for various klingon events and thus funded same.

Suds and Honor!


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