tIq'batlh's Recruitment Thesis, Part I

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In the spririt of common beliefs, common bonds, and the greater good, tIq'batlh sutaI Veska has granted us permission to post his most excellent Thesis series on our website. The unmodified text follows:

WARNING: What you are about to read is stated bluntly and truthfully and as such may be viewed by some as painful. These words are my opinions not the views of the Owners of list it appears on, nor it's membership.

I remember us trying to get dialog going on the Klingon Warriors List on this topic before to no avail. Well I have some feedback that I thought I would share with you on this very issue. I have, due to experience, ended up classifying members in klingdom into two groups, the Wolves and the Sheep. The Wolves are the innovators, the doers, the ones that create the dynamic that starts club and keeps it going. The Sheep are what ends up filling up the clubs roster and contributes to the appearance of success of said club. Now to be fair, the sheep can sometimes innovate and sometimes do something significant but they are similar to the sprinter, they go fast and hard for a brief moment and then they are done for a while. A Sheep does not start a club for they are not wired to do so. They come in after a handful of Wolves have provided the impetus. Now do not misinterpret my words. Sheep are very, very important to a club and it's existence. For if there were no sheep there would not be anyone around for the Wolves to do all of that innovating and doing for, nor anyone to recognize and commend all of that innovating and doing. But the biggest problem facing clubs and what dictates a clubs ability to last, its survival rate is the ratio of Wolves and Sheep.

          If a club is made up of too many sheep and not enough wolves then the Wolves burn themselves out and are no longer able to provide the innovation and the impetus to keep the club a viable organization. How long the club is able to survive is directly related to how good the too few Wolves are at drawing on the Sheep for support but Sheep by nature are not a sufficient source for what other Wolves by nature are able to create at will.

          Close your eyes and visualize various clubs you were or are a part of, other clubs you are familiar with or have seen in action. Do you see the Wolves? Can you see the Sheep? It is not too hard once you know what to look for.

          Now, the question, how do you launch a ship? Well, you know what the common ground is, for if you do not have that there is no reason to even bother. Be it a love of Klingons, a love of Star Trek or even a broader, simpler love of Science Fiction, you need the common ground. Well you have it for you are taking your love and seeking kindred spirits.

Now you need to look at your resources. What do you have to dedicate to this common ground? Do you have time, do you have money? Do you have fellow Wolves? From experience, I know if you are not unemployed and financially independent, you need, at the least, three fellow Wolves. Now the best scenario has you knowing those three Wolves and they are unattached to any other club, for while it is possible to entice your Wolves from another Organization, the fallout of such an action is not worth the short-term gain. A true Wolf will not eat everything within it's territory right away for it will mean lean time in the future, just as you do not want to all of the other groups around you pissed off at you. Such is survivable, due to the nature of Fandom and the fans themselves but why buy trouble.

So let us say you are the only Wolf in your area that you are aware of. Now you want to find the Wolves of the clubs around you, no matter the Empire, Federation or Alliance they serve. You get to know them. It will not be hard for birds of the feather and all that stuff, if they know you are not out to hunt in their territory, then they know you are not a threat and will even be willing to help you get going with a territory of your own if just to keep you out of their territory.

Well now you have some Wolves, they are not your Wolves but Wolves just the same. I am working on proving my theory right now about the impact 4 Wolves can have on the general public, while I feel the ideal is six Wolves. With six Wolves, having a blast, you can pull in any fans and otherwise interested within shouting distance. Why four to six Wolves you ask? Why not any mixture of Sheep and Wolves to get that number? Well because by nature, the Sheep have not delved very far into their character, are not comfortable cutting up in role, to put it bluntly, have not gotten the stick removed. And if the interested or casual observer sees people that are not comfortable or not having fun, what makes you think they want to join you and not have fun? If you are recruiting, you only want people that are completely comfortable in costume and most importantly, having fun. Those who think I am condoning deception or deceit, consider this. When one is interviewing for a job, they do not volunteer that they smoked a joint in High School of failed to give the extra ten dollars they got from a cashier in error. Omissions of those facts do not make a deception of deceit unless they ask for the information. The same goes for recruitment. You do not list your group's dirty laundry to recruits. You recruit like you do anything else; you put your best foot forward.

You have your Wolves, either your own or imported Wolves from other local organizations. Now you have to decide what you want to do. The list of possibilities are endless so I will skip right over this part. I will ask the list owner to create a database to allow all to enter their ideas for Recruitment activities for all to share. I know this sounds a bit corny but, together we are great, individually we are simply a crowd. Now the next step is PUBLICITY. If I have said it once I have said it again, if you want people to know about you, you have to get the WORD OUT. I have mentioned this in the last three clubs I have been a member of and the message was either received and tossed out as worthless or it was ignored. But the fact remains when you have three Federation clubs and two Klingon clubs in a county as small as Pinellas County (Florida) and right in the middle of them, out of the blue, pops up another Federation club. This does not dismay me that the formed but that the clubs in existence have such a poor connection with the community they reside in that they did not know they had a rather large fan group, no down the road, not next door but in their lap. Locally we have these weekend inserts in our local papers. One is called the Friday Extra and the other is called, yes, The Weekender. I am sure you all have a similar publication in your local newspaper. Use it, that is what it is there for. Let other fans in your area know what like thinking individuals are doing and then watch the results. I think you will be amazed at the increase in attendance at your activities.

That is all for now. I look forward to your feedback.

tIq'batlh sutaI Veska
Eastern Governor of House Veska

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