Good Day to Dine, November 2003

Report on the LSWA's Good Day to Dine, November 29th 2003.

This was originally planned to be held at Joe's Pizza on Sycamore School Road. That venue was delayed due to a timing conflict. The next Good Day to Dine will be held there.

Since the crew of the IKV Melota was already committed to being at Border's Book Store for our annual fundraiser, it was necessary to change the venue to there. Thus we did with JudmoS' blessing.

We had a dang good turnout. After all, most of us were already there working the giftwrapping.

The folks at Borders were so cool! They let us set up a couple of tables in the back of the store. Thus we were able to really get together as a group without interfering with their organic coffee shop. We had grups, kids, foods, and a birthday. Mrs. Gizmo had her 39th birthday and K'linn brought a cake for the occasion. Otherwise, the food was pretty much whatever you brought in since this was not an actual restaurant.

Katai Ka' Min arrived in a splended uniform and will now be due a promotion to officer status. His uniform was his own creation as he knows a sewing machine very well. You can tell from the pictures that his was an excellent piece of work. He looked darn good. JudmoS was in fine form, however, the shaved head when he removed his headpiece beckons the General Chang look. Kbubbles is always in fine form with her incredible double albedo.

We got to see a couple of members from the "old crew" of the Melota from back in the "bad old days". I hope to see you two more often. I miss the heavy duty military hardware discussions. I also miss fighting my favorite walking planetary monitor. The moustache looks good on you. Please accept it in the most positive manner when I state that I hope to knock it off of your face in Batleth competition some time.

We missed a few regulars. We hope that you are ok and avoiding the flu. sQweezinart, my parmachi, was a casualty of work. We hope to see you all at the next Good Day to Dine.

As a Good Day to Dine, this event is over. As a fundraiser, we are still fullfilling the request of Borders to be present and to serve them. So a future AER about the fundraising is forthcoming.

The video from this event is available at our Downloads Pages.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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