Borders 2003


This year at Borders was somewhat different, and very much a challenge. After the IKV Melota had been specifically requested to return by the Border's management, and then given our choice of days, we worked hard to see what we could do with the five to which we could commit. Regrettably, only five could be committed, however, we made good on this by raising a grand total of $1546.26. Our benefactee, the Arlington Women's shelter hopefully will be pleased with us as we have managed to donate more each time that we have donated to them.
This was very much a challenge in that we were very busy as a ship as well as regular persons in our daily lives. The LSWA's Good Day to Dine fell during one of the weekends and we had also been asked to serve as security for C.A.T.S during some of this time. With the strength of the Balrahg, and the organization of Kbubbles, we pulled off covering two events at two venues simultaneously.
Kbubbles once again absolutely outdid herself in effort. She was present each day. Her effort at coverage, and organizing the GDtD on the Border's premises was certainly outstanding service to the IKV Melota, and the Empire.
ogh-wI also gets some serious back patting here. She did all of the phone calls and organization for the giftwrapping itself. Not to mention showing up and being a regular anchorman, also.

There is a video available for download.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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