C.A.T.S. "Frosty" Security 2003


Due to our presence provided at the C.A.T.S Haunted House for 2002 and 2003, our services were requested for the "Frosty the Snowman" show. Being an actual play, it would have a more serious parking situation as they would be filling the theatre capacity which was not done (by necessity) during the Haunted Houses. We agreed to provide parking assistance, crosswalk assistance, and to provide a general deterring presence in the parking lots.
I am inclined to believe that our prior experiences came together very quickly to provide a service that they had not had the opportunity to have before. We utilized their traffic cones and supplemented with our own vests, crosswalk flags, paddles, lightwands, and radios. We were able to park cars more quickly, get mundanes across the street more safely, and more important from a tactical standpoint, cleared the full parking lots more quickly than their prior volunteer assistance.
There were some interesting close calls as "there are some men, you just can't reach". Captain3 was nearly run over by a person taking driving directions from his ten year old daughter instead of the big orange guy in front of his truck. Person2 got brushed a couple of time by cars ignoring him. We both nearly assaulted a Mercedes that was determined to not stop at our flags. This was very serious as we had a little old lady and her grandchild already walking into that lane. But the most fun was the woman determined not to stop for the flags. She never slowed down for my flags and she was intending to share the lane with Person2. I walked in front of her and she still did not stop. Rather, she crossed the yellow lane to pass us and stopped when faced with oncoming traffic. She screeched to a halt in a mexican standoff and sat in the lane facing an Excursion. She sat there until we released the lane and allowed her to return to the correct side as both directions of traffic were stopped at that point. I wish that we had that one on video!
Another fun item was the fact that for the very last show, we chose to wear our uniforms. Then the motorcyclists had their toy run that day. We had tons of heavy iron cruising by. Most of them were waving at us in our klingon uniforms. Though some were staring. I figure that they had to consider us brothers as we were wearing more leather they they were.
This event reinforces the argument that not all charity work is fundraising. We served our community without raising funds. Klingon ships should all investigate nonmonetary methods of community service. This was a massive success of IKV Melota manpower and tech application that shall ultimately lead to future income possibilities. This event was gratis as were the two Haunted Houses, however, we intend to place donation jars in the future to accept donations for our efforts which would be greatly appreciated. This was basically a loss leader event which was used to position ourselves to generate club and charitable income in the future.
This event was done simultaneously with an actual fundraiser. We were doing our annual Borders giftwrapping fundraiser. Only a ship this strong could pull off two crew committments at the same time.
Oh, and the LSWA's Good Day to Dine fell during one of the weekends.
The video from this event is available at our Downloads Pages.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
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